BMX-show i forbindelse med åpning av Startup Extreme 2017 på Marineholmen

A vibrant community

Waders, ties and flat caps. It is the amazing mixture of people with different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and personalities that make Marineholmen a vibrant innovation neighbourhood. Perhaps it is also the reason why more and more businesses are wanting to base themselves here?

Marineholmen enables a completely new, urban way of life. Days characterised by energy, vibrancy, creativity, playfulness – an active lifestyle, with input from those around you. Chance meetings with familiar faces, and new ones. A steaming cup of morning coffee served from a colourful coffee cart. School children on their bikes, heading to first period at Møhlenpris school. Monday meetings over lunch at Bergen Kaffebrenneri. Students studying for their degrees while sat on the jetty, and Friday beers in the sunset on the terrace of Cornerteateret.


Marineholmen is alive – 24/7.