Jente i BTOs lokaler. Foto: BTO

Incubator and accelerator

Norway’s number one centre of expertise for innovation can be found in dynamic premises at Marineholmen.


The Marineholmen innovation park is located in a top-modern, open office landscape designed for inspiration and innovation. VIS is the driving force in this innovation hub.

The aim of the innovation park is to promote innovation culture and facilitate the creation of start-ups, for example by creating good links between innovators and the business community and thus ensure that the entrepreneurs are able to survive past the incubation period.

One of VIS's offshoots is the Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA); an accelerator that helps marine-industry companies grow and develop. NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, GCE Subsea and NCE Maritim CleanTech are, alongside VIS, some of the cluster organisations behind the accelerator.

Since its creation in 2005, VIS has helped more than 70 companies go from idea to market. One of the biggest commercial successes backed by VIS so far is Bergenbio. Bergenbio develops ground-breaking cancer drugs for treating leukaemia, skin cancer, breast and lung cancer and was recently listed on the stock market.