Barn utkledd som forskere, Foto: VilVite

The bridge builders of the future

An innovation neighbourhood is more than just infrastructure, laboratories, bits and bytes. Play and learning, in scientific surroundings, offers both children and young people an insight into the world of research.


The VilVite centre, which recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary, inspires school children to seek out new knowledge every day.

VilVite encourages an interest in mechanics, digitalisation, medicine and technology in a playful learning environment.  Here, the inventors of the future can experiment in safe surroundings. If you come across school children walking like ducklings on their way to VilVite, chances are you’ll meet them again 15 years later, as students at the High Technology Centre in Bergen, the University of Bergen or BI Norwegian Business School 

 Marineholmen offers an ideal environment to grow up in. The Marineholm nursery gives priority to the children of those who live and work here while Møhlenpris Oppvekststun, located just a stone’s throw away, caters for children up to seventh grade. After that, it’s only a small step to a university or college education.