Studenter utenfor Slippen på Marineholmen

Student vibe

Students are not only a breath of fresh air in a vibrant innovation neighbourhood, but a vital component. The Facebook generation has grown up sharing virtually.  They understand the value of being logged on, of networking and of sharing knowledge. Sharing comes naturally to them.

This is something that the business world, research environments and other stakeholders can benefit from. Students capture the zeitgeist. Discussion, bridge building and the exchange of ideas and knowledge is the very essence of a future-oriented and sustainable innovation neighbourhood. They have already started sharing at Marineholmen.

Tomorrow’s researchers and leaders have so much to gain from being a part of the innovation neighbourhood that is Marineholmen. Expert input in state-of-the-art facilities, with direct access to the business community, provides students with knowledge, networks and practical experience.

The dynamic environment created when industry stakeholders, a distinguished research environment and students hungry for knowledge come together creates synergies that takes us further into the marine age.