Kvinne på sykkel i Nygårdsparken. Foto: Thomas Morel, AlfGundersen

Sustainable living

Situated between Nygårdsparken and Byfjorden, with views of Ulriken and Løvstakken, Marineholmen is ideally located for those looking to enjoy the pleasures of both the city and the great outdoors. Based on green, urban values, we facilitate sustainable living, with energy efficient solutions throughout. This involves everything from recycling points to electric car pools and eco bike hire.

Marineholmen builds bridges, including between neighbourhoods. The Småpudden footbridge allows you to walk straight across the fjord to the neighbourhood of Solheimsviken.

With Nygårdsparken as the inspiration, green spaces and open areas will be created between the future housing estates. Small common areas will ensure a supply of air and light. Eco-streets, bike lanes, charging stations and footpaths will support sustainable traffic and a good living environment.

The new homes will also feature opportunities for green initiatives such as vegetable gardens on ground level and rooftops, and birdhouses and beehives to bring nature closer to the people.

Large, green lungs and fresh seawater are worth their weight in gold in a town centre environment, giving access to mountains, fjords and parks. Paddling in Puddefjorden, hiking Løvstakken or organising a street party in Nygårdsparken are just some of the ways in which you can make use of our green and blue surroundings!