A school of fish

The marine cluster

The marine cluster at Marineholmen brings together ground-breaking marine research and business environment. The ambition is to kick-start the blue shift.

The marine research cluster at Marineholmen develops knowledge about our marine areas, marine resources and aquaculture. This knowledge should ensure that we can leverage the potential of sustainable value creation in the marine-related industries. More than 150 business and 3,500 employees already work at Marineholmen.

Marineholmen's marine power hub should furnish the expertise required to meet tomorrow’s needs, solve environmental and resource challenges and create synergies between research and business that result in ground-breaking technology and products for new and existing markets.

Co-location enables this and offers benefits as it allows for expensive infrastructure costs to be shared, for increased collaboration and stronger expert environments. Strengthening the marine cluster is essential to the implementation of the blue shift.



Some of the organisations present at Marineholmen
The High Technology Centre in Bergen
The University of Bergen, Department of Biology
NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster
Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA)
The Norwegian Ocean Laboratory
Industrial and Aquatic Laboratory (ILAB)
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority
The Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Uni Research
Lerøy Seafood Group (2018)
Cargill Aqua Nutrition (2018)