Høyteknologisenteret på Marineholmen

Hi-tech centre


Address: Thormøhlens gate 55

Area: 26 000 m2

Built year: 1989/1990



The high-tech centre at Marineholmen contains offices, a laboratory, canteen and educational premises.

"Over many years, the University of Bergen has had a good working relationship with Marineholmen and GC Rieber Eiendom. We know them as orderly, professional and competent landlords and real estate players”.
-The University of Bergen

The high-tech centre is the first building of Marineholmen Forskningspark AS, formerly known as Høyteknolgisenteret i Bergen AS.

 The building comprises two blocks: the Data block and the Bio block. The Data block was completed in 1989 and was opened by the then HRH Crown Prince Harald and HRH Crown Princess Sonja. The Bio block was completed the following year.

The high-tech centre contains premises for the University of Bergen, businesses and several research institutions. The current community at the high-tech centre has grown into several buildings at Marineholmen, creating good spillover effects for players who have their workspace here.

The high-tech centre also has a canteen offering student prices and a wide range of food and drink. Here you can enjoy a tasty lunch with colleagues or visitors.

Please contact us if you would like information about vacant premises at Marineholmen.