Marineholmen Ocean Energy, Energisentralen på Marineholmen

Marineholmen Ocean Energy


Address: Kong Christian Frederiks plass 1

Built year: 2011

The energy plant was commissioned in June 2011 and supplies Marineholmen and Solheimsviken with cooling from seawater.


1 kWh in and 70 kWh out. This is the effect og using seawater from a depth of 100 metres (6-8°C). The seawater is channelled through a 2.5 km long plastic pipeline with a diameter of 1.2 metres, sunk in the fjord from Marineholmen and out into the city fjord at a depth of 100 metres.

The seawater pipeline conveys around 1,000 litres of water per second. By using this water for cooling, we save approximately 2 million kWh per year compared to normal cooling technology, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of around 1,210 tonnes of CO2.

The cold water is primarily used for cooling buildings and for water for fishing experiments. An assessment is also being made into using the water for heating via heat-pump technology.